God the Father’s Heart: a New Creation…

Read: Genesis 6:5-8; 7:1-5, 10 

“And the LORD was sorry that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart.” 

God is deeply grieved by sin. He is grieved over the effects and wounds that are the result of sin.  He loves all but especially the righteous. It is true to say all men have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, yet God sees the heart. He knows those who desire Him.  We stand in the place of Noah.  But what is the significance of Noah? The son of Seth who took the place of Abel. In order to understand why this is a big deal, we have to know the significance of the blessing of the oldest son from the father. It is where all of God’s grace was passed on to the next in the line who would be the next leader of the family after the father’s death. We will come back to this later on. For now I am just highlighting the importance of the lineage.

The earth at that time had become dark with sin. And what happens? The LORD instructs Noah to build an arc for his family, all 7 pairs of the clean animals the male and his mate, and a pair of the animals who were unclean, and 7 pairs of birds. By God’s specifications a shelter was created to save and protect his chosen ones. Why is this important?

This seven days language should bring us back to the creation story. God wants to make a new story for us. He created in six and rested on the seventh and so a new order is being brought into the covenant God makes with us. We see that the wicked do receive their just dessert and God holds carefully in His hiding place and shelters his chosen ones. It does require work. And Noah did all that LORD commanded him. He had to build the ark and gather his family and all the animals that the LORD commanded him. Thus we should begin to order our lives rightly and choose things that help and do not hinder us. By doing this, we show God that we are trying to live under His protection and to follow Him back to union. God does shelter us in Himself.

Do you need some simple recommendations? I will give you three. 1) Set a routine for yourself with a time to rise and a time to rest. 2) Spend time in prayer for at least ½ hour. 3) Daily Exercise (six days and one rest day) and healthy eating choices. A good place to start is cutting extra sugar and unhealthy snacking between meals. I have given you three guidelines it is up to you to fill in the blank lines and order your life according to what God wishes you to do. If you need help in doing this seek it.

Read: Mark 8:11-21

So here we have Jesus speaking to his disciples. This is a classic example of Jesus coming back and clarifying something when his apostles misunderstand Him. And they discussed it with each other, “We have no bread.” And being aware of it Jesus said to them, “Why do you discuss the fact you have no bread? Do you not yet perceive or understand?” Yet all this is in direct correlation to His response to the heart of the Pharisees seeking a sign. And he sighed deeply in his spirit. He was referring to the leaven of the Pharisees; that heart that does not openly receive the gift of God. This generation is stubbornly seeking the works of Jesus’ power to prove his worth and not that He is opening His hand and establishing a new kingdom.

How can we tell this? His answer. He draws to their attention to two numbers that have significant importance when talking about who He is and His station in old testament language: twelve and seven. This should bring to mind the twelve tribes of Israel as God built his entire covenant around the twelve sons of Jacob (Israel). He is stating that he is building His kingdom new. He is building it around his twelve disciples. He has given them special roles. Secondly we have seven. This is more language that should draw us back to Genesis. It is a new story that Jesus wants to create in us in His kingly power pouring out His covenant Love on His chosen children. He is referring to His Church. 
Right now this is a good start for creating a new story within us. We will delve deeper into this covenant love as we journey through this book. I am merely opening the discussion and showing you that the heart is the key component here. God feeds the multitude and it falls on deaf ears. It is not the food but He who is providing food. He is feeding them with bread that does not satisfy but He will one day offer Himself as Bread from Heaven to be feasted upon. His Kingdom is Love and Mercy and itself. It is not something measured by strength and power but a heart willing to do and receive as the Father beckons. Now it is time to take these truths to prayer and open your heart to hear the Father’s beckoning. The first step is preparing to receive the bread he desires to give us


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