You are probably wondering, what does she know about healing and how can we trust what she has to say about mental health? That’s okay. I would be too. After all there are no letters after my name to give me credibility. What I have to offer you is personal experience. I suffered a mild concussion and experienced several scary mental health episodes that I was hospitalized for after this concussion. I also had some difficulties post partem after the birth of two my three children.

God started me on this healing journey and as I experienced healing, He brought me alongside others with even deeper difficulties that needed healing. I journeyed with them and God used these experiences to teach. As I came to greater wholeness, I realized that I had been given a stewardship of grace and felt His presence working on me to share my message. It burns like shining coals that will not be quenched.

God is loving and merciful and brings me deeper each day on the path of healing. I want you to experience the wholeness of God’s loving presence and aid as I have. I want to open up for you the pathways of His grace in your heart so that you can find the same peace and joy that I am discovering. Join me in the torrent of His merciful heart and with me adore Him and heal more each day. It is never too late to start this journey. And together as two hearts let us journey onward!

Jacinta Wick

Hello! I am a writer and podcaster looking to make a difference in the world of faith and mental health. I believe in the power of God’s love and wish to help bring you closer to Him.

I am a wife and stay-at-home mom of three beautiful girls. We enjoy the adventure of homeschooling and living on our small homestead in the country.

Other things we enjoy together are the great outdoors and hanging out with friends and family. We are active in our parish and community.

Lillian Putzer

“The world suffers not from a lack of wonders, but a lack of wonder.” – G.K.C.

Hello! I am the web designer and developer of this website. I have enjoyed the challenge of making this site as practical and beautiful as possible, and trying to use my skills for the greater glory of God. In my spare time, I like to explore psychology, writing, art, 3D design, and programming.

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