Season 1 is all about the ways our relationship with our Heavenly Father is influenced. Our experience with our earthly father has a direct correlation with how we relate to God the Father. We will be exploring that spot in our hearts that needs to be brought to wholeness.

God the Father’s Heart, Transfiguration Episode Nine

n this episode we look at mountains and valleys in the spiritual life and how to navigate them. Abraham our Father in Faith shows us that trusting in God is the key to progress in this journey. Peter shows us how we would like to keep the good moments here in the Transfiguration. We can but not in the way he proposes. Good moments are to strengthen us for the difficult times where we must remember the mountaintop.

God the Father’s Heart, Interview with Father Jacob Strand

Today I have a special guest, Father Jacob Strand. We delve into the mysteries of God the Father’s loving Heart. We take a look at some practical steps we can take to heal our hearts from father wounds. We also take a look at some practical ways our fathers can help us grow and how we can be reconciled and start fresh in our awareness of the father’s love and how he gets his example from God the Father.

God the Father’s Heart; A New Creation Episode 4

As newborn infants, we are brought into this world. We grow and change. The tendency to sin stays with us but, by baptism we die with Christ and come to new life. God wants to make a new story for us. So, we must be born again by water and Spirit. God gives us food to sustain us. He shelters us and He gives grace, bringing us into the Church, and into covenant relationship like in the Old Testament. The question is, do we accept only the gift or embrace the Giver?

God the Father’s Heart, Unbind Him Episode 3

We feel like we are in a dark room without the lights on when we are living from that wounded place in our hearts. Like Lazarus, we need the faith and hands of another to pull us into healing and wholeness and out of ourselves. We rest in the confidence that God the Father always hears our prayer and heals us from the father wound of a spiritual death caused by a catastrophic event or the consequence of my or my father’s sin.