The Law of the Flesh

27 October 2023

Often we do exactly what we do not want. No matter how we try it seems that there is always something that pushes us to do the exact opposite of what we intend. This is called the law of the flesh. On the other hand is the law of God. Both are at war with each other. I would like to explore with you a couple of themes to help in this battle.

So the law of the flesh makes sin and the law of God virtue. At the root of sin is anxiety that we are left alone, that we do not have a Father that cares for us, and that we will not know what to do or be content with what we have. These are lies given to us by the enemy of the flesh, the devil, to paralyze us. What are we to do when we find ourselves overwhelmed here? 1)Pray for direction and help. For example, “Father me!”2) Wait for God’s Hand and His Word. This often comes in a simple thought or inspiration or the word of another. 3) Make a firm purpose of amendment to do what you hear in your thought and mind in answer. 4) Act. Be a doer versus just a hearer. St. Paul talks of this interior battle in Rom 7:18-25a. Take a moment to read this passage. 

We find that in our mind we will good but often our deeds are the opposite. How do we find greater clarity? First we must be real with ourselves. Then we must be patient with ourselves as we learn to win this battle. We are human so there will be some failures but we must strive to do the good. Often we get overwhelmed by volume versus a small steady action toward our goals. Little steps done consistently will win greater ground than just doing haphazardly.

Luke 12:54-59 gives us a little insight as well. Do we see the signs God gives us or do we continue blindly on in a persistent sin? Run to Jesus in the Sacrament of Confession. He will bring you the grace you need. What do we do when we find ourselves in a temptation? Ask God by the graces of the sacrament of confession to overcome the difficulty. Trust that, when you pray, God will hear you and give you an answer. Take just one step and then you will find that you can take two or three.

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