The Stillness of God’s Voice And our Response in Faith

25 May 2024
Watching for the Lord,
We wait for the still small voice,
That calls us out of stillness,
What joy when He appears.

How can we learn the way,
The will of what He asks?
Waiting for the little signs,
The voice that says,
"This is the way,
Tread in it."

But how do we know it's true?
When it comes in stillness,
When it comes in peace.
Gently, like the falling rain.

Is it a voice? 
How can you hear it?
The voice of friends,
Speaking quietly.
A sudden thought or inspiration,
A line in reading that jumps out,
But mostly by listening.

He moves slowly,
And passes the test of time,
What we see in labor and practice,
The fruit of following closely.

To move with success,
We hold the words,
And open doors,
Or wait for them to close.

In time clarity arrives
And we see,
Deepening desire
That does not wane,
Or diminish
But grows stronger each day.

What in a flash we perceive,
A passing pleasure to deceive.
But quietly...
It strengthens,
It grows,
It answers questions,
It reveals a greater glory.

Like a toddler who walks,
We are strengthened
In exercise of atrophied muscles,
We receive nothing more,
Except for the next step

Don't step off the path
Or the buffer given,
Cause only in God's steps
Is grace there to protect and guide.
So keep away dust of Babylon.
Joy to guide,
And peace to keep.
Triune unity to build,
Come Holy Spirit! 
Speak and Pray for me!

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