21 September 2023

A little word with so much meaning,

What does it call forth?


A place beckoning on,

Where I can find rest,

On the hearth where I sit down.

But there is something specific,

Missing from other places,

That in this place I find,


With empty space to roam,

That I can come back belonging,

Refreshed renewed recharged

For the journey.

No place can quite compare,

Or bring happiness here,

Is it a building?

Or a state of mind and heart?

Shadows of what is to come,

A place that I shall rest secure,

Beyond the turmoil and storm.

Though passing through this life,

I am not alone,

I have a family,

But is that home?

Nothing fills the heart,

But what comes hereafter,

I am but a stranger,

In life passing through.

A traveler.

My home is Heaven,

And nothing can compare

Only shadow here.

Some say it is where the heart is,

I say I do agree,

But it is more!

It is where I dwell with Thee.

For alone I cannot find,

This place apart from others.

A building sure,

But more a bulwark,

A thick castle wall to scale,

For nothing here is stronger,

Than in this unit secure.

A bridge to pass

Over the raging river,

Safe unscathed and whole,

Though dysfunction does exist,

It still is one to hold,

It keeps from drowning,

In muck and mire and strong current,


How can so much meaning,

Exist in a four letter word?

A constellation,

A star,

A cosmos,

A galaxy,

A planet,

All in one.

An entire universe!

A microcosm of what’s to come.

So keep sure and steady,

And fall you will

But with this aide

You can keep on

And on,

Get up and go,

And come back again.

No age to hinder,

Or time to block,

What in the present,

I can have,

The ever present now,


So when your heart is down,

And you want to find your solace,

Look on.

Because with your little heart you’ll find,

Your place with others to dwell,


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