I Saw You

6 October 2023

A poem by Jacinta Wick

I saw you,
Thou are not invisible,
With all thy presence here,
My hand holds you.

Unrest, turmoil, 
Strife of tongue,
But I am still loyal,
With much to do, 
That is already done.

Every act is to save,
To set thy life in order,
Despite the chaos,
I see you.

In all aspects I come,
To thee I run.
Not one hair left alone,
Eyelash to eyelash,

Why question with thy doubts,
The grace I pour on thee,
To help and not hinder thee,
Not in bouts,
But always near thee.

Levels of sight for you to see,
One of heart,
One of mind,
One of vision,
None can hide thee.

Before me you stand,
Fear has no place beside thee,
Of the kind that blinds thee
Only one that opens, 
The path to me.

In the crowd
Thou aren’t lost
I will ever find thee.
And boost and boone thee.

My hand to guide,
Not smite thee.
For what I discipline,
In hurt that ails thee,
I will also heal thee.

Ever to mold thee
New creation,
I call thee,
I do see.

Always you are before me
Behind me
At my side,
Never to leave me.

Light pierces darkness,
Ever new dawn,
Blessings not yet given
Till the time is right.
I bring thee home.

Under the fig tree now,
But to paradise I will rise thee.
Greater things thy will see,
Perfection cometh slowly,
I understand thy folly.

I will ever hold thy hand,
If you will embrace me,
Just know I am with thee.
No shame to blight,
Or deface.
I will pull thee free.
Just come to me.

You will strive,
And fight,
Death does not win,
And one day,
Thou will see,
With victory,

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